Mami Talks: 8 Ways to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Mami Talks: 8 Ways to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Are wedding bells in your future? Are you becoming a blended family? It’s important to incorporate your children into the start of your new family.  Check out professional tips and user recommendations from and to involve your kids into the wedding experience.

Ask your Kids to Walk You Down the Aisle. The person or people that walk you down the aisle don't have to be your dad or parents. You could switch things up by having your kids walk you instead, and this idea works especially well if your children are older.

Make them Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.  There's no rule that says your bridal party has to be all adults. This idea works especially well if your children are older than 10 (the typical age cutoff for flower children). If they're younger, then they could serve as junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, but the same idea applies that they participate in activities like the bridal shower (and maybe they're even part of the PG part of the bachelor and bachelorette parties and then head home), and they dress like your bridesmaid and groomsmen.

Include your Kids in the Unity Ceremony.  If you're having a unity candle, sand ceremony or nontraditional unity ceremony alternative, this is the perfect chance to involve your kids. By getting married, you really are making one big family, or reaffirming the family that already exists, so it makes total sense. Have them help light the candle, include multiple sand colors or come up with something totally new and creative, like family hand prints you can display in your home after the wedding.

Gift Them a Ring or Necklace. Present your kids with a ring, necklace or ring on a necklace after the groom puts one on you so they have a special token too.

Let Your Kids’ Talents Shine During the Ceremony. Depending upon the age of the child, they could read a special passage from a book, or a poem that had meaning for the bride and groom. Or, if there is an especially talented young person who can sing or play an instrument, they could perform.

Mention Your Children.  Mentioning a child's name during the wedding assures that they are an important part of the occasion and have special status which guests and other family members attending do not. During this special time, children need to feel important to their parents.  Remember with this ceremony a new family is being born. This is especially important to young ones. When children are coming into the marriage, it is appropriate to mention in the ceremony that not only is a marriage being formed, but also a family - and then we name each child. If a prayer is in the ceremony, each child's name can be stated in the prayer.

Let Children Sign the Record of Marriage. Allow your children to come up and sign part of the official documents at the signing of the register. You need two witnesses for the license but your officiant will give you 'the record of marriage' part of the license and anyone can sign, print or make their mark! Warn your wedding photographer to be on the alert for these wonderful moments.  Again when your officiant introduces you have your children up there with you. They will love the applause and treasure the memory of how important they were on Mom or Dad's big day.

Have Children Play “Wedding Photographer”.  Give children a disposable camera and give them the task of capturing fun moments like someone kissing, family dancing, “behind the scenes” at the wedding etc. It will provide a unique glimpse of the entire experience from a child’s point of view.