How Mariah Carey is Helping Feminists Take Down Misogynists


Mariah Carey is helping a sister out.

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Fox host Tucker Carlson recently dedicated a closing segment on Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, where he disputed a letter Hilary Clinton wrote to the editor applauding her efforts in making the Internet a better place for women. During the segment, called “The Problem With Lauren Duca,” Carlson also took credit for all of Duca's recent accomplishments, including her New York Times profile and her commencement address. “Every time we mention Duca on this show, she gets more and more famous and more revered on the left. Maybe next week she’ll be honored by the Pope and the Dalai Lama. If we mock that, she could get the Nobel Prize for Literature,” the host commented.

Duca, who was in a heated debate with Carlson about Ivanka Trump back in December, tweeted, “This is actually insane?” Girls creator Lena Dunham immediately supported the writer, replying to her tweet using Carey's lyrics to  “Obsessed” to shut down the misogynists. “I have had to invoke Mariah Carey a lot over the years when it comes to angry men: ‘why you so obsessed with me?'” the actress wrote. 

In response, Duca sent Dunham Carey’s infamous “I don’t know her" GIF, to which the pop star chimed in the conversation with another GIF of herself blowing a kiss. “Feel free to invoke me anytime #girls!" the star wrote.

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Looks like the mother-of-two approves of being the face of conversations against "angry men."

Check out their Twitter exchange below!