Guillermo del Toro Paid for This Texas Woman's Biopsy When Her Insurance Company Wouldn't

With Christmas only a week away, and the season of giving upon us, here’s a story that will seriously warm your heart. 

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Mexicano movie man Guillermo del Toro donated hundreds of dollars to a Texas cancer survivor, Cassandra Hollingsworth, to help pay for a biopsy. The woman’s friend, Mónica de la Paz, had tweeted the Hellboy director, who has over 800,000 followers, simply asking him to give her friend’s GoFundMe page post a retweet.

She wrote, “Guillermo, can I share this link with you of a friend from Texas who needs to raise a little more than $900 for a biopsy. Her insurance won’t pay for it, and she needs to know if she has relapsed from cancer. Please, from one tapitio to another!! Can you RT?”

In an act of sheer kindness, del Toro replied, “It’s been paid. ;)”

Hollingsworth discovered a lump on her neck and doctors confirmed she had multiple nodules on her thyroid. She needed a biopsy, but because she hadn't met her insurance company's deductible for the year, she would have to pay the $937.80 cost of the exam herself. That's when she started her GoFundMe page, which had brought in some donations. The Puss in Boots producer paid the remaining $665.

Filled with gratitude, Hollingsworth updated her page with the good news.

“Here’s how I spent my day: Trying not to cry at work knowing that I had to reschedule the biopsy due to lack of funds… Encouraged by friends, family, and strangers’ enormously generous $180 of donations in a day. Shocked and amazed when around 8:30 tonight a huge donation came in that met my goal, plus a little more, rounding out this campaign to $1,000. I was shocked breathless. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still not quite sure I do, but the number is there for all to see...Thank you ALL for doing this for me...  I may have to wait several more weeks for the procedure, but knowing that I have the money to cover it when I get there has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. This will give me some room to breathe and relax to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends."

What an amazing Christmas gift, indeed.