It’s Official: Everyone and Their Mama Wanted to Know the Words to 'Despacito' in 2017

Do you even remember life before Google? We use the search engine that’s become a bonafide verb for everything, from the silly stats to details on the most serious events.

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On that lighter note, Google Trends just released their annual report of its top five most popular searches of the past year in various categories and when it comes to song lyrics, "Despacito" topped the list; Camila Cabello’s "Havana" came in fifth.

It was the record-breaking song of the year so it makes total sense that so many people wanted to learn the lyrics so they could sing along (perhaps Justin Bieber should have looked them up to avoid that awkward live appearance where he “blah blah’d” through the song. Just sayin.)

Other list toppers include: Hurricane Irma, "How to Make Slime," and Ariana Grande. Falling a bit further down the list, but still top five: Louis C.K. (likely due to the sexual harassment scandal), Mariah Carey (so many reasons…) and the Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why (the Selena Gomez-produced series' star, Katherine Langford, was recently nominated for a Golden Globe).

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