6 Dominican Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

From their gorgeous rizos (or shiny straight strands) to their fabulous nails, Dominicanas have a natural beauty remedy for it all. Find out how these Latinas keep their hair, skin and nails looking flawless:

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1. strong healthy looking nails

If you’ve ever looked at a Dominicana’s nails, you’ll see they're always on fleek. For decades Dominican women have treated weak and brittle nails with garlic. To recreate this at home, all you’ll need to do is add a clove of minced garlic to your favorite clear polish, apply on your nails and voila, you’ll have healthy nails in no time.

Tip: You may also want to use lemon or a strong citrus scented soap to get rid of the garlic scent!

2. getting her hair done

Although the uses for coconut oil may just now be really coming to light, Dominican women have long known of its benefits. When it comes to taming their frizzies away, it’s all about coconut oil. Apply a small to moderate amount on after washing your hair to lock in moisture and shine. You can be sure this versatile oil will keep your hair looking fabuloso.

3. washing her face

If you grew up in a Dominican household, you know your abuela always had the aloe vera ready. For many years, Dominican women have reaped in the benefits of aloe vera as a skin saver. Whether you have a mean sunburn that needs soothing or simply need a good face wash with a boost, aloe vera will work wonders on your piel

4. beauty mask

Dominicanas are queens of beauty masks, no matter what your mishap — they have a recipe ready. When it comes to getting rid of skin irritation and redness, a quick oatmeal and honey mask is all you’ll need to instantly soothe your skin. 

5. Woman at the salon

When it comes to maintaining our pelo, conditioning is life! Dominicanas know that in order to have healthy and shiny hair, it all starts with the right nutrients. Mix together mayonnaise, avocado and olive oil for a traditional hair mask, and let it sit in your hair for 25 minutes. After rinsing the mask out and styling your hair, you'll strands will appear much healthier and full of life. 

6. Rihanna in doobie

Although in 2013 Rihanna turned the doobie into a glam hairstyle, this certainly wasn’t its primary purpose. If you’ve ever been to a Dominican salon, you know it’s a big no-no to leave without a doobie. This form of a hair wrap is used to help keep your blowout looking great until you get to your desination. To get a doobie all you have to do is simply comb your hair around in the direction of your part, while inserting bobby pins to hold it.